Watch your favorite premium subscription based streaming services.

Simplify your life.

JANE interacts with you like a human would, when you are shopping, ordering food, requesting a pickup, or making an appointment.

Voice Shopping

Request a pick up from your local car service, order from your favorite restaurant, book appointments with beauty salons and doctors. All done by voice, right from your TV on the JANE Shopping Network.


Control JANE from your couch or bed or from anywhere you are relaxed. FLY MOUSE Infrared IR Leaning Remote Control with Voice Input makes it super simple to interact with all JANE's capabilities.

Concierge and Errand Service

JANE connects you with Simply Life Concierge and Errand services to streamline your daily tasks. You will have access to a personal concierge to meet all of your needs at an affordable price as soon as you request the service. There must always be a human element to business, JANE simplifies the process of interaction. See the video of how easy it is. You can find a promo video in JANE's Marketplace if you would like to know more about Simply Life or any other AI equipped business instantly.


Listen on request
Book Car Service .
Play Videos
Play Music
Notes and Reminders
YouTube Videos
Wi-Fi Camera
Shopping via JANE Marketplace
General Info

Local Town Info
Visit Websites
Suggest Date Night activities
Theater Schedules
Full Desktop Functionality
Full Media Center
Send and Check email
Local Neighborhood News
Voice Shopping
Connects to regular TV via HDMI
Concierge Service
Local recommendations
Search Google

That's not all!

JANE's small form factor allows for easy transportation and minimal space usage.(4x4 inches)
Supports 4K display for immersive visuals.
7.1 Surround Sound.
Built in high speed wi-fi. Stream all the youtube or sling tv you want.
Bluetooth hookup.

Where to buy?

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