JANE Marketplace is where the small business can sell their products/services in a VIRTUAL MALL type environment. Smart business will prepare themselves for Artificial Intelligent e-commerce / v-commerce, and gain the advantage over competitors.

Let your customers , view your store and products with high quality video and music. Make the emotional connection, on their large TV screens, resulting in increased sales. JANE will show the user your site in the marketplace and take their order as they browse your products. She even waits as they make up their minds and checks back to see if they are ready. Just like a human would.. JANE repeats the order, asks for confirmation then forwards it to store. EASY!

See the video of how simple it is to request a laundry pick up from a modern AI equipped laundromat, Jumbo Wash Laundry in the Garwood NJ Mall. All done from your TV! Watch your business grow when it becomes easy for customers to order from you.