If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a video is probably worth 1000 sales. Now you can promote your business with video commercials that users can request on demand.
Imagine you wake up on Saturday morning, and want to have a family BBQ, just ask JANE, to recommend a meat shop or butcher.

She will show you some recommended shops in your area. Then if that shop has a video commercial the user can request to see it and make a decision and buy right from the TV. They never have to switch device look up websites etc. This is possible if you are part of the JANE marketplace. Let users know your business.
We also can provide you with professional affordable videographers and copywriters if necessary.

Embrace the technology of Artificial Intelligence it will be ubiquitous.

Contact neil@crystalstudios.net for more info on getting your business listed in the JANEMarketplace.

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