Everyone loves pizza and companies are always trying to get it to you faster with buttons and trackers etc. Now there is Artificial Intelligence to order for you. Here we do a comparison of Amazon Alexa and JANE AI TV ordering pizza. Alexa orders from a popular chain with the financial strength to create the skill and JANE orders from the neighborhood pizza parlor. We demonstrate here that your business can have access to Artificial Intelligence technology too, if you can see where the future of online shopping lies.

As this technology advances, businesses must keep pace, making their products and services readily accessible to the AI entities. A non AI equipped business will likely lose sales and relevance as the convenience of voice shopping and search gains momentum, providing the population with exciting choices and fun ways to shop.

As of now I do not know of these features by Apple and Google but for sure they are working on it.

JANE ordering from neighborhood store.

Alexa ordering from national chain.

JANE is the world's first Artificially Intelligent Hybrid TV. If you are interested in learning more or investing please feel free to contact us. (neil@crystalstudios.net). Tell us what you have invested in successfully and your minimum investment.

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