Apple is now preparing a smart speaker “Siri Speaker” to rival Amazon Echo, Google Home and now JANE Artificial Intelligent TV . Everyone will claim their product will out do each other but they basically do the same thing. Speak a command and the device fulfils it . There are variations on the services provided, and the service providers and these are all great products that help create and promote new industry. Again, Original American innovative ideas.

Since we are the creators of The World’s First Artificial Intelligent TV(J.A.N.E.) we will discuss how JANE compares with the others.

Firstly JANE is not a dedicated speaker device. She connects to your television , probably configured with your surround sound etc. This configuration gives JANE a screen and much more capabilities than just a speaker. Amazon is also developing a screen product due out soon. Technically JANE is ahead of all others and lights the way for the others to follow.

We designed JANE NOT to be listening always, because in reality where there are multiple kids in a home you can imagine if brother wants to turn on the lights and sister wants them off and they can do this just by voice , if you are a parent you know this situation. Recently burger king added an Alexa Command to their commercial and Alexa responded, so I suppose such a sensitive mic listening has some advantages.

JANE requires you to wake her and then speak, when your command is satisfied she goes back to sleep mode.

What about shopping?

You can ask Alexa to order an item for you and the order will be placed at Amazon. Really cool and convenient, no forms to fill out, waiting for site to load and so on. But what if you are a local retailer? JANE allows you to use this technology, the local user likely knows about your business and can use JANE to order multiple items from you. Just as if they were in your physical store talking to you or your staff.

Order an Uber or Lyft , what about the local car service? JANE allows access to her marketplace giving users choice, generating revenue for AI businesses, creating employment and improving life standards.

Best of all you can watch all sorts of streaming TV like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV.

Embrace this technology.

We must also give special thanks to Jennifer and Daphne for inspiration and helping bring JANE into existence.

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